Friday, October 29, 2010

Light as a Feather

Especially on a short little evening jacket. The first one I got was from my friend Duro Olowu - he's an amazing designer and he also has an incredible eye (and nose!) for vintage. His wife Thelma is one lucky woman. Anyway, whenever I go to his studio he brings out little treasures from a back closet to show me. They are always impressive historical pieces (a 60's Balenciaga coat made from rubber!), but not always something I must have or that he wants to neccessarily part with. Its more like show and tell. One day, however, he brought out this 70's YSL sequin bolero with Maribou sleeves and I just plotzed, as my buddy Josh would say. I'd never seen anything that felt more like me, and I HAD to have it. What's more, if you look at the closeup below you can see the sequins are sewn onto lace tulle, which makes it shimmer even more. It was perfect because Duro had been coveting a painting of my husbands and so we did an even trade. I wear it every year at least once or twice, I never get tired of it. I even wore it to The Met Ball one year with a white silk tank top and sharply tailored black trousers. I never thought about owning a second Maribou evening jacket until I saw one go down the runway at Phillip Lim a few seasons back. The color was stunning - very dark hunter green - and when the model walked past me and I saw the gunmetal sequins on the back I knew it was going to soon be in my closet. I'm so happy when I wear it, and I'm even happy just to see it hanging there in my closet when I'm not wearing it.


  1. i think, though i'm not sure, i am your biggest fan.

    i never fail to find inspiration in your book (have purchased it as a christmas gift for a friend and am recommending it to my students in my 'Mastering Style on an Extreme Budget' class.

    what will you put together next? i truly can't wait. perhaps a compendium on 70's style -- only the truly classic stuff?

    thank you for the inspiration,

  2. Hello Ms.Amanda,

    it's Elizabeth. Do you remember me ? i saw your article that you were going to England. I found your blog and i was glad that your family and you are okay and healthy. I always remember all of you and i am thankful for all the time i worked for you. I feel bad not been able to say goodbye and i wish that you are always well and all your goals are realized. i love you guys and i am always remembering you. Say hi to Coco, Zachy, and Mr. Christ for me.
    Love, Elizabeth
    If you want to contact me my daughter's email is