Friday, November 26, 2010

I ♥ Your Style: Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

I was that girl who had pictures of Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street plastered on the ceiling above my bed. As a young teenager his was the last face I saw before I fell asleep every night. I had at least 15 different fantasies about how I was going to get him to be my boyfriend. I even wrote him an impassioned letter that I was sure sounded different, more sincere than all the other fan mail he'd received. Never heard back. 

Not so many years later I was a camera assistant to Patrick Demarchelier. We had gone to St. Barts to photograph Kate Moss for Harpers Bazaar. We had shot Kate many times. I was pretty enamored of her too, and the only thing she'd really ever said to me was that she loved an antique jade and gold ring I wore (it was my mother's). So we arrive on set that first day in St. Barts, business as usual, and as I was walking into the kitchen I heard his voice. Johnny Depp was there. Obviously I knew that he was Kate's boyfriend, I had just never imagined that he would come to a shoot. I was so stunned that I did a 180 and walked in the other direction. What could I possibly say to Johnny Depp?? I avoided him entirely. An hour or so later I saw him and Kate snuggling in a hammock while we finished setting up the lights. An hour after that they were making out next to the pool. While Kate was being photographed, Johnny lingered around for most of the day, not coming close enough to me to warrant an introduction. I was nervous all day, in fact pretty miserable. How could I be in such close proximity to Johnny Depp all day and not have the nerve to at least meet him? 

At the end of shooting, Patrick announced we would all have dinner at his house that night. I thought for sure Kate and Johnny would stay cuddled up in their room and not join us. But they did. In fact, I met him only minutes after I arrived at Patrick's house. If nothing else happened I would feel better that at least I shook his hand. He sat across from me at dinner. He was shy. We made a little small talk here and there, and our conversations with others crossed paths a few times. But it was pretty obvious that in his mind Kate was really the only person in the room. He stared at her the whole dinner. They interlocked their feet under the table. There really was an incredibly intense love going on between them. By the next morning Johnny had jetted off to somewhere else, and the shoot with Kate resumed as usual. I never had the same feelings for Johnny Depp again after that. I was so convinced of his love for Kate that I was happy to leave it at that and move on. When I look back at pictures of them now, what I notice mostly is just how good they looked together - their looks, their clothes, their style, their body language. It's almost too much cool to handle. I guess it was for them too. 


  1. Incredible couple - thanks for the time capsule.

  2. They had so much chemistry. I was pretty infatuated with them, as I was with him whe he was with Winona. There is just something about him! Thank you for sharing your feelings about meeting him, but moreover, what you felt having to be in the same vicinity as him all day! Tough! Ergh!