Friday, November 26, 2010

My Style: Fenton/Fallon

For the last 9 years, I've lived on Chrystie Street, which is a pretty typical Lower East Side street, meaning grungey but cool. It wasn't even cool until Freeman's and The Box showed up, and it got a little less grungey when the city's largest Whole Foods unveiled itself, right on Chrystie Street! Nonetheless there is a pretty frequent turnover of random stores that come and go on my block. The best we've had 'til recently was a storefront selling hip hop inspired t-shirts (I bought a Stevie Wonder one) and a kind of trendy stationary shop. When those went the way of the recession I had low expectations for what would take its place, until Thakoon told me over lunch one day that Dana Lorenz was opening her first Fenton/Fallon store right underneath my building!!! I was so excited. I've been a big fan of her jewelry since Stephanie Seymour wrote about it in Interview a few years back. Since she opened shop, Dana and I have become pals and I have certainly taken advantage of her convenient locale to dash in before a party and add the perfect bit of edge, sparkle, irony or texture to my outfit. Of all the pieces I've worn I am particularly taken by her cuffs. There's a pair of them (yes I wear both, one on each wrist) covered in metal sculpted rams heads, foz faces and turtle shells. I wear them day and night and they are by far the most complimented thing I have worn in a long time.....all sorts of random people lust after them. I wore a similar cuff, albeit with large black and white rhinestones sprinkled between metal snakes to the CFDA Awards this year. Dana even custom made me matching post earrings - we were worried the whole post thing would be too WASPY on me but then decided my fluffier than fluffy white Thakoon dress could use a little old world charm. It worked. My newest addition is a gold cuff with chains, rhinestones and bows all over it. Haven't figured out what to wear it with yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

Check out Fenton/Fallon
Freeman's Alley, enter on Rivington between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets or visit

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  1. I love your book and I love Fenton/Fallon! Needless to say, I am loving that you are blogging now! I'm a huge fan from Manila/Singapore! =)