Friday, November 26, 2010

Printed Matter: Cheap Chic

Vintage books are probably the greatest source of inspiration in my creative life. I look for them wherever I go. The best vintage bookstore is Glenn Horowitz Booksellers in East Hampton. I could go broke there. In fact Glenn Horowitz is where I found my all time favorite fashion how-to guide, Cheap Chic. It heavily inspired my own book, I Love Your Style. In fact, the greatest compliment I got on my book was from Carol Troy, the Cheap Chic author herself, who posted on my Facebook page that my book was "a terrific cheap chic update, high low and everything in between." Anyway, the good news is that many highly collective old books are easy to find and less expensive online (you can even find them on Amazon). I am so excited to share my favorite books with you. And there's no better way to start than with Cheap Chic itself.

Buy it here

I love how Carol calls this woman a "ragpicker deluxe."  Not to mention the pictures - I love how unpretentiously stylish she is.

 An athletic-chic Antonio Lopez illustration.

 I also love how Carol incorporates all cultures and ethnicities in her appreciation of style.

 Not only do I love these clothes, but also the style of the illustrations. I wish I could draw like this.

This is a page from a chapter called "Wrappings" which shows you dozens of ways to wrap fabric around your body. Love it!

Doesn't this girl look like a young Sonia Rykiel?  Shows you how much impact hair and make up can have on your overall look. Perfect for creating a big impact on a little budget.

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