Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Travel: Mattituck, NY

One of the only consolations about the end of summer is looking forward to apple and pumpkin picking at Wickham's farm in Mattituck, NY. In our family we have made a tradition out of climbing aboard Mr. Wickham's red vintage tractor and trolley to ride through the peach orchards, past the blueberry net, beyond the farmhouse and down to the bayside plot where the pumpkins are waiting to be carefully chosen and taken home and the apples are ready to be eaten on the spot and collected into giant bushel bags. We always end up with way too many apples resulting in not only every variation of sliced apples (with cheddar cheese or peanut butter) for after school snacks but also apple pie, apple crisp, apple sauce, even apple butter. After three trips to Wickham's this fall, I'm pretty sure I'm ready to wait until next Fall for apple season to come again.

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