Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I ♥ Your Scarf

I have been so inspired recently by Hermès' new website - J'aime mon Carré.  It completely reinvented my perception of the Hermès scarf as something only Queen Elizabeth or Grace Kelly would wear into something that any cute young thing can wear. I've included some of my favorites from those images here along with a few vintage ones. Being 36 I wonder if I'm not too old to wrap an Hermès scarf around my head. I'd probably only try it in the summer at the beach. The best I've ever felt wearing a silk scarf was inspired by my college roommate Patricia Herrera who showed me more than a few things about personal style. She taught me how to tie a scarf around my neck with the tie in the back so it almost served as a turtleneck - it keeps your neck warm in winter and it looks chic. The key is to use a smaller scarf - you dont want a big plume of scarf tails hanging down your back. Or maybe you do. But I don't. 


  1. I'm going "Little Steven" today. I'm so happy to see you
    are blogging again.

  2. I discovered the joy of wearing the scarf in my early 20's. now, it is a wardrobe staple, at any time of the year I have an appropriate scarf. I even taught myself how to knit in order to have a wooly scarf in my favourite colour of the season. Scarves are my absolute favourite accessory. X