Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I ♥ Your Style: Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is my favorite fashion chameleon. In the span of her career she's gone from 50's demure to 60's Barbarella vamp to 70's war fighting hippie to 80's workout queen to 90's poster-girl-for-aging-well all with a lot of enthusiasm and credibility. What helps her pull this off? Her beauty. She looks good in almost anything. But she's also fearless - she goes for every look wholeheartedly. I can think of other girls - like Kate Moss - who can pull off many different looks, but they aren't as drastic as Jane's. Jane really, really went for it.


  1. I met Jane Fonda about 5 years ago, and you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. She is an American Original. Gracious, impeccable, warm and funny.

  2. have you read jane's memoir Amanda? It's really good. She sees her life as 'acts'. i think last she wrote, she said she was in her '6th act'.

    she's very disarming, sort of like Carrie in Sex & The City.


  3. I agree, Her autobiography is a must read. I saw her yesterday on a rerun of Oprah that was wonderful as well.