Friday, November 26, 2010

I ♥ Your Style: Kate Moss & Johnny Depp

I was that girl who had pictures of Johnny Depp in 21 Jump Street plastered on the ceiling above my bed. As a young teenager his was the last face I saw before I fell asleep every night. I had at least 15 different fantasies about how I was going to get him to be my boyfriend. I even wrote him an impassioned letter that I was sure sounded different, more sincere than all the other fan mail he'd received. Never heard back. 

Not so many years later I was a camera assistant to Patrick Demarchelier. We had gone to St. Barts to photograph Kate Moss for Harpers Bazaar. We had shot Kate many times. I was pretty enamored of her too, and the only thing she'd really ever said to me was that she loved an antique jade and gold ring I wore (it was my mother's). So we arrive on set that first day in St. Barts, business as usual, and as I was walking into the kitchen I heard his voice. Johnny Depp was there. Obviously I knew that he was Kate's boyfriend, I had just never imagined that he would come to a shoot. I was so stunned that I did a 180 and walked in the other direction. What could I possibly say to Johnny Depp?? I avoided him entirely. An hour or so later I saw him and Kate snuggling in a hammock while we finished setting up the lights. An hour after that they were making out next to the pool. While Kate was being photographed, Johnny lingered around for most of the day, not coming close enough to me to warrant an introduction. I was nervous all day, in fact pretty miserable. How could I be in such close proximity to Johnny Depp all day and not have the nerve to at least meet him? 

At the end of shooting, Patrick announced we would all have dinner at his house that night. I thought for sure Kate and Johnny would stay cuddled up in their room and not join us. But they did. In fact, I met him only minutes after I arrived at Patrick's house. If nothing else happened I would feel better that at least I shook his hand. He sat across from me at dinner. He was shy. We made a little small talk here and there, and our conversations with others crossed paths a few times. But it was pretty obvious that in his mind Kate was really the only person in the room. He stared at her the whole dinner. They interlocked their feet under the table. There really was an incredibly intense love going on between them. By the next morning Johnny had jetted off to somewhere else, and the shoot with Kate resumed as usual. I never had the same feelings for Johnny Depp again after that. I was so convinced of his love for Kate that I was happy to leave it at that and move on. When I look back at pictures of them now, what I notice mostly is just how good they looked together - their looks, their clothes, their style, their body language. It's almost too much cool to handle. I guess it was for them too. 

Snapshot: Tod's at Barneys

I ♥ Your Style: Gisela Torres

My friend Gisela was in town from London recently. I met her because she took an amazing photo of Sally Singer that I used in my book. We also have a great friend - Duro Olowu (the most stylish man ever) - in common. So Gisela came over to my house to photograph a pair of my shoes for her blog, and I was so inspired by her turban. This picture was taken in my bedroom which was so perfect because the african fabrics on my chair and sofa looked so good with the african fabric on her turban. What I loved most is how the turban transformed her jeans and t-shirt outfit from an everyday look into an arresting and exotic silhouette.

Snapshot: John Currin

I was so sad to miss John Currin's opening at Gagosian recently (I was in Rome). Thinking of it made me remember this silly photo my husband took of Yvonne Force and me in John's studio reenacting one of his pictures. If you're in NY go see his show at 980 Madison - it's up until Dec 22nd.

Snapshot: Saubaudia, Italy

I was here last week, If there is heaven on earth this might be it....

Printed Matter: The Fashion Makers

I so loved reading about the most iconic American designers in The Fashion Makers but what really floored me was the portraits of the designers. I'm going to have to look up photographer Barbra Walz and see where she is today.

 Buy it here

American Women

I've been thinking lately about women with classic American style. In a quest to spend more money on my house and less on my clothes, I've cut way back on shopping and am working hard to veer away from of the moment impulse purchases and focus more on great quality clothes that will last longer than the current trends. I've been thinking about women I've come across over the years in my fashion career - Marina Schiano, Tonne Goodman, Alexandra Kotur and Deeda Blair - who have great discipline in choosing what works for them best and sticking with it.......yes, a uniform of sorts. I've always felt that at some point in my life I would go down that route. I have no idea if I am there yet - only time will tell of course - but I can acknowledge that the idea is getting more and more attractive. So what is the look that suits me best? That speaks the most to who I am, who I have been and who I want to be? It will likely take me awhile to figure that out, but I know that I am pretty much quintessentially American, and the most consistent style in my wardrobe has been classic, despite having rebelled from it for most of my 20's. So I'm trying to find inspiration in who made classic American style the most interesting. Yes of course pictures of Jackie O  and Lauren Hutton pop into my head right away - especially images of them in the 70's - but I've also been surprised in my constant and obsessive trolling through the internet in search of women with great style - past and present - to find moments of true classic style in less likely places. Those are the ones that excite me most of course.

Clockwise from top: Ali MacGraw, Lauren Hutton, Lauren Bacall, Claiborne Swanson Frank , Jerry Hall, Slim Keith, Aerin Lauder, Asia Baker, Lauren Bacall. 

Snapshot: Grey Gardens

I slept in Little Edie Beale's bedroom last weekend! Here's what it looks like now.

I ♥ Your Style: Tina Chow

I love how Tina Chow managed to be minimal and decorative at the same time. She is my perfect idea of a modern woman.

Travel: Food in Rome

I ♥ Your Style: Joni Mitchell

There's something about Joni Mitchell's mid 70's California bohemian style that I really identify with. Most likely it's because I'm remembering myself as a 15-year-old listening to Joni on my walkman on the school bus and trying my best to channel her glamorous and feminine hippy style while getting dressed for a Grateful Dead concert. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I do feel the most free when I wear bohemian clothes. I suspect it's a part of my style that I will never abandon.

My Style: Fenton/Fallon

For the last 9 years, I've lived on Chrystie Street, which is a pretty typical Lower East Side street, meaning grungey but cool. It wasn't even cool until Freeman's and The Box showed up, and it got a little less grungey when the city's largest Whole Foods unveiled itself, right on Chrystie Street! Nonetheless there is a pretty frequent turnover of random stores that come and go on my block. The best we've had 'til recently was a storefront selling hip hop inspired t-shirts (I bought a Stevie Wonder one) and a kind of trendy stationary shop. When those went the way of the recession I had low expectations for what would take its place, until Thakoon told me over lunch one day that Dana Lorenz was opening her first Fenton/Fallon store right underneath my building!!! I was so excited. I've been a big fan of her jewelry since Stephanie Seymour wrote about it in Interview a few years back. Since she opened shop, Dana and I have become pals and I have certainly taken advantage of her convenient locale to dash in before a party and add the perfect bit of edge, sparkle, irony or texture to my outfit. Of all the pieces I've worn I am particularly taken by her cuffs. There's a pair of them (yes I wear both, one on each wrist) covered in metal sculpted rams heads, foz faces and turtle shells. I wear them day and night and they are by far the most complimented thing I have worn in a long time.....all sorts of random people lust after them. I wore a similar cuff, albeit with large black and white rhinestones sprinkled between metal snakes to the CFDA Awards this year. Dana even custom made me matching post earrings - we were worried the whole post thing would be too WASPY on me but then decided my fluffier than fluffy white Thakoon dress could use a little old world charm. It worked. My newest addition is a gold cuff with chains, rhinestones and bows all over it. Haven't figured out what to wear it with yet, but I'll let you know when I do.

Check out Fenton/Fallon
Freeman's Alley, enter on Rivington between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets or visit

I ♥ Your Style: Bonnie Morrison

Ran into my friend Bonnie on the street the other day. She always does classic style so well, in fact she's one of the featured girls in the classic chapter of my book. Anyway, she also has the BEST vintage finds - check out her old school Gucci loafers (don't overlook the green and red ribbon under the buckle) and primary blue Hermes Birkin she was wearing when I saw her. Chic as hell.

Printed Matter: Cheap Chic

Vintage books are probably the greatest source of inspiration in my creative life. I look for them wherever I go. The best vintage bookstore is Glenn Horowitz Booksellers in East Hampton. I could go broke there. In fact Glenn Horowitz is where I found my all time favorite fashion how-to guide, Cheap Chic. It heavily inspired my own book, I Love Your Style. In fact, the greatest compliment I got on my book was from Carol Troy, the Cheap Chic author herself, who posted on my Facebook page that my book was "a terrific cheap chic update, high low and everything in between." Anyway, the good news is that many highly collective old books are easy to find and less expensive online (you can even find them on Amazon). I am so excited to share my favorite books with you. And there's no better way to start than with Cheap Chic itself.

Buy it here

I love how Carol calls this woman a "ragpicker deluxe."  Not to mention the pictures - I love how unpretentiously stylish she is.

 An athletic-chic Antonio Lopez illustration.

 I also love how Carol incorporates all cultures and ethnicities in her appreciation of style.

 Not only do I love these clothes, but also the style of the illustrations. I wish I could draw like this.

This is a page from a chapter called "Wrappings" which shows you dozens of ways to wrap fabric around your body. Love it!

Doesn't this girl look like a young Sonia Rykiel?  Shows you how much impact hair and make up can have on your overall look. Perfect for creating a big impact on a little budget.