Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My favorite looks for Spring: Phillip Lim

I'm on a clothes shopping hiatus at the moment (saving money to redecorate my house) so in order to have some sort of vicarious retail pleasure I'm going to share my most coveted spring looks with you. Today's favorite is Phillip Lim. I probably wear more of his clothes than any other designer. Reason being? They're simple enough that you don't get sick of them after a few months, the price is (relatively) right compared to other designers and he makes clothes for every aspect of my life - sleeping, work, the gym, the weekend, cocktails, evening. He even custom-made my outfit for the Met Ball last year. For Spring he ditched (most of) the decoration and just made beautifully designed, wearable clothes. I'm not a fashion critic, magazine editor or a retailer, so when I sit at a fashion show the only thing going through my head is, "What do I want to wear?" From Phillip, it's these three looks.

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