Friday, January 21, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Anita Pallenberg

In the last few weeks I've been reading Keith Richards' autobiography, and he inspired me to revisit Anita Pallenberg's boho rock-chick style. I'm not sure I've ever come across anyone who is as cool as she is. You can see how and why Kate Moss is inspired by her.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snapshot: Karen Elson on vinyl

My friend Randall Poster, who is the music supervisor for all the best films, gave me a 45 of Karen Elson's latest song. Beyond the chic cover image, and the fact that it's Karen Elson whose style AND music I love, I'm most enthralled by the fact that it's a record! I do actually own a record player - I bought it at a yard sale on Shelter Island a few years ago. It's the most popular item in our summer house - people love to DJ on it. Can't wait to play this one. I might have to frame the cover.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Muriel Brandolini

I'm not sure if anyone has more style than Muriel Brandolini. She's stylish in the way she looks and in the way she lives. She has chic clothes, the most amazing jewelry, incredible homes and she's a fantastic cook. The quality I admire in her most is the confidence she has in doing things differently, in breaking the rules. Case in point: the other day I was sitting in her kitchen watching her make a salad nicoise. She cut all the incredients with scissors instead of a knife (she said it's easier that way), and then she put on rubber surgical gloves and tossed the salad with her hands. She said, "Food always tastes better when you touch it." She was right. It was delicious. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Diane Kruger's bow tie look

Back when I was researching my book I noticed that Diane Kruger loved Chanel, especially a black and white bow tie look. Since then I've seen her riff on that same look again and again. By now it's safe to say it has become somewhat of a signature for her. I love almost any girl who develops a signature. It shows discipline and confidence, two crucial ingredients in creating your own style. It would be too much if she wore this look all the time, but I love how she returns to it every now and then.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Susanne Deeken

It gives me a real high when I discover a new chic girl that I've never heard of before. In Susanne Deeken's case, I met her at a friend's house for dinner. When she walked in she immediately caught my attention because she was wearing the ChloĆ© jumpsuit I'd been coveting (pictured below - it looks like a sweater and pants with a belt but actually it's all one piece!). It didn't take me long to notice that her style, while for the most part subtle and classic, was just absolutley perfect in both proportion and detail. It didn't take me long to find out that she's Marc Jacobs' muse and for a minute I thought she might be one of those uber-cool girls that are really hard to talk to. But she was generous and laid back and funny! The other day I saw a picture of her on my friend Chelsea's Cat Party blog, and it reminded me to dig up some photos of her. Enjoy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

White Magic

I'm going to Palm Beach next weekend, and I'm starting to think about what I'm going to wear. I learned today that my Thakoon resort order will be ready by then which will be perfect because it consists mainly of breezy tops and cute shorts - perfect for a sunny Florida getaway (looking at the 15-day forecast it looks like the thermometer will hit 80 while I'm there!). The one thing I still need to get is a pair of white sunglasses. I've never owned a pair but I love the quirky, oddball glamour they project. Who knows what they'll look like on me, but I'm going to try anyway. Here's my inspiration:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snapshot: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

I went to a birthday dinner last night and saw stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele there. It took me a minute to figure out her handbag situation. I first noticed the white Chanel bag on the signature white chainlink strap, but then realized that she'd attached a black bag into the white strap too. It looked really cool. I reached into my purse to snap a shot and realized I'd left my camera at home. Damn. I thought about it again today - it was haunting me. Then I thought I'd google her to see if I found any great photos of her - she has amazing style - and first up was this shot Terry Richardson took of her unique handbag combo. Voila! Thanks Terry!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My favorite looks for Spring: Diane Von Furstenberg

I was giddy at the end of DVF's Spring show. I knew she was working with a new designer and, having spoken with her a few days before, that she was very excited but nervous about the new direction her collection was taking. Even before her legendary runway walk at the end of the show, I knew everyone would love it. It was exactly how DVF would be dressing today if she were her own best client. It was the spirit of DVF as she dressed in the 70's but pared down and simplified to address how we all want to dress today. The sophisticated colors and easy shapes especially drew my attention. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Cher in the 70's

I've been sitting here trying to find a gentle way to describe the way Cher looks these days, and I'm not finding the words. In contrast though, I only have good things to say about her look in the 70's. She was a hippie but with a little extra dose of glamour and polish that made her stand out from the other groovsters of that era.

Top to Bottom Cher in 1975, Between 1965 & 1970, at home in the 70's, 1968, with Tina Sinatra in 1967, 1977, with Gregg Allman in 1977, 1974, wearing Sonny Bono's glasses in 1967.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My favorite looks for Spring: Calvin Klein

In a season where most designers did their best attempt at minimalism, Francisco Costa schooled them all with his confident and accomplished collection of precise and chic clothes at Calvin Klein. That said, I'm very specific about minimalism - I am not a conceptual dresser. I do better with classic clothes designed very, very simply than the more rigorous designs that minimalists - Francisco included - sometimes offer up. Francisco and I often serve as each other's date at fashion events and you can bet I'll bet showing up in one of these looks next time we step out together.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I ♥ Your Wedding Style: Audrey Hepburn

Two of my favorite wedding dresses ever were worn by the same woman: Audrey Hepburn. At her first wedding to Mel Ferrer in 1954 she wore a tea length Balmain dress with a stunning crown of roses around her head (I would copy the rose crown years later for the Met Ball)Her look was young, romantic and feminine - a true first time bride. Fifteen years later when she married Andrea Dotti, she was equally as chic in a 60's minidress and matching headscarf - but more grown up and subdued this time. I love looking at women in their wedding dresses - it's the ultimate expression of personal style. In fact, I'd like to write a book about wedding style. Stay tuned.....

Left to right  Audrey Hepburn with Mel Ferrer (1954) and Andrea Dotti (1969)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My favorite looks for Spring: Carven

Recently someone mentioned to the revival of Carven and so I went on their website to check it out. The clothes are SO GREAT! Why isn't anyone talking about them? Did I miss it? Am I the last person to hear about them?? The clothes are very sexy - kind of French ingenue mixed with a little Alexa Chung-ish schoolgirl vibe, AND they're a contemporary (sub designer) price point! I haven't seen the clothes in person yet, but I am very excited by the photos. For now, they're exclusively sold at Barney's CO-OP in America.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Alexa Chung in leopard

People always talk about leopard like it's a trend, but I consider it a classic. There is never a season when I am not in the mood to wear a bit of leopard. I used to look at Kate Moss for leopard inspiration, and she does rock a leopard coat like no one else, but recently Alexa Chung has been almost non-stop in her love of leopard on almost any item you can out on your body. I'm surprised we haven't seen her in leopard sunglasses yet! And she always gets it just right. To wear leopard in a chic way you almost have to think your outfit is a little too subdued, verging even on boring, and then you put the bit of leopard into the mix - a belt, pair of shoes, bag or hat - and suddenly poof! your whole outfit makes sense. The other way to approach leopard is to wear a big swath of it - a dress, coat or tunic - and then understate everything else - simple black pumps, shades and bag will do the trick. Like the rest of the fashion world, I'm really in awe of all of Alexa Chung's style statements but it's her love of leopard and how she wears it that really stands out for me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My favorite looks for Spring: Phillip Lim

I'm on a clothes shopping hiatus at the moment (saving money to redecorate my house) so in order to have some sort of vicarious retail pleasure I'm going to share my most coveted spring looks with you. Today's favorite is Phillip Lim. I probably wear more of his clothes than any other designer. Reason being? They're simple enough that you don't get sick of them after a few months, the price is (relatively) right compared to other designers and he makes clothes for every aspect of my life - sleeping, work, the gym, the weekend, cocktails, evening. He even custom-made my outfit for the Met Ball last year. For Spring he ditched (most of) the decoration and just made beautifully designed, wearable clothes. I'm not a fashion critic, magazine editor or a retailer, so when I sit at a fashion show the only thing going through my head is, "What do I want to wear?" From Phillip, it's these three looks.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snapshot: Tod's Showroom

I went to see the pre-fall Tod's collection the other day. They have a new tradition of displaying all the new driving shoes of the season on a table together. It always gives me such pleasure to see all the beautiful colors of leather, suede and skins all at once. I can't wait for next August so I can buy a few pairs. I love wearing driving shoes with flared J Brand jeans and an old school navy blazer - it's my 70's college student look.