Monday, May 7, 2012

Bottoms Up! : The first time I met Christian Louboutin

I was 23 in this picture, and I remember it was the first time as an adult that I felt glamorous. Having worked as a studio assistant for Patrick Demarchelier on and off for three years I had been exposed to many glamorous people and places - Naomi Campbell in Paris, Madonna in Miami, Claudia Schiffer in St Bart's - but I never associated them with myself. In those days, I was super skinny, always dressed like a tomboy in Levi's, a tank top and Converse All-Stars, and spent most of my time hauling studio lights and loading cameras. I was also growing out my drastic Jean Seberg haircut.

A few weeks before the photo was taken I had met Christopher, the boyfriend that would become my husband. After only a week of dating he invited me to come to a wedding with him in Paris. Why not? I told myself. Only issue? What to wear. I went to Barneys CO OP and bought a navy Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti suit and shocking pink suede Ann Demeulemeester heels for the wedding ceremony. For the party after, I got a grey bias cut slip dress from Zara to go with my feather-covered Jamin Puech bag I had bought on a whim in Paris a few months before. The only thing missing was shoes to wear with the dress, but since we had a few days in Paris before the wedding I thought it'd be a fun excuse to go shopping.

No luck. It was the night before the wedding and I still hadn't found the right shoes. We went to the rehearsal dinner at a trendy restaurant called Natacha. I was intimidated because I didn't think I would know a soul there. I hardly even knew my boyfriend. After a lap around the room I ran into my friend Olga, who I knew because her boyfriend went to Brown with me. Instant relief. She came and sat with us, and introduced me to lots of her friends. When I told her about my shoe dilemma, she pointed across the room at a guy in a yellow and purple checked shirt and said that he had the best shoe shop in Paris. She would take me there the next morning.

$550 for a pair of shoes?!?!? But I loved them, they went perfectly with my dress, and I was in real trouble without them, so I swallowed hard and put down my credit card. They were strappy burgundy silk stiletto sandals with a small gold ring around the skinny heel. I wish I still had them to show you.

So I arrived at the party that night wearing my new Louboutin shoes, and Christian was the first person at the party to come speak to me. He was funny and engaging and incredibly friendly. When time came to dance we found each other on the dance floor and pretty much stayed there the rest of the night.

Four years later when I married Christopher, Christian made my wedding shoes (and my bridesmaids') as a present. When asked by the New York Times how we met, here's what he said about that night:

Mr. Louboutin said it was appropriate he was celebrating Ms. Cutter's wedding, since their friendship began at a wedding years ago. ''I was so impressed because she was the only woman I didn't know at the wedding, and I know everybody,'' he said, ''but also because she could dance and dance in these gorgeous six-inch heels as if they were sneakers.'' He paused. ''Of course, they were my shoes, so that was also a great source of pleasure.''

I can't honestly say they were 6 inches high, but I did get a good workout dancing in them. And I wore them for years afterwards, each time remembering the fun I had that night.


  1. That is an amazing story. I look forward to visiting his shoe shop on my honeymoon this summer.

  2. What a fabulous story! I have just been to the Christian Louboutin's exhibition at the Design Museum in London and it was like a glamorous pilgrimage...lots of chic red-soled ladies in attendance.


  3. amazing story! You're such a lucky lady having led an eventful life! You inspire me, as a 22 year old trying to make my way in the business of fashion!

    XO Sahra