Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crimson Tide

When I first saw red leather back on the runway at Balenciaga's pre-fall presentation, it looked fresh and intriguing, but the look was too literal 80's for me to really fall in love with. But then on Thakoon's fall runway, a more girly, ruched red leather dress came down the runway that really made me swoon. I am not a rocker chick by any stretch of the imagination, so this softer, more feminine version of red leather made me think I could actually wear it. I also love the photo of the model in a red leather pants with a striped sweater and navy overcoat - she almost makes them look preppy. While I love a girl (or a guy - yes you, Kanye) who can pull off a literal 80's outfit or a Balmain runway look, I am slightly more intrigued by red leather that takes the Michael Jackson/North Beach leather cliché in a new direction.

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  1. My hipster niece points out when i wear something eigthies, I reply when she was a baby we would gel her hair flock of seagulls style, WHAM!