Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mollusk Surf Shop

My favorite place to shop right now is I first discovered the store when I was on a business trip in San Francisco. Two trusted friends insisted I go check out Outer Sunset, an emerging surfer-y neighborhood right under the Golden Gate bridge with great food and a handful of creative and original shops, Mollusk being the highlight. I bought two t-shirts and a sweatshirt there and have been living in them ever since. The designs are cool, authentic and relatively undiscovered by a mass audience; the fabric is soft and cozy; and the fit is perfection - loose enough to hang comfortably on my body but fitted enough so that I don't feel schlumpy wearing such casual clothes. Right before spring break I went online to buy a few rash guards and sun hats for our beach holiday, and while on the site, I also bought a photograph and an abstract wave print artwork to frame and hang in my house. Every thing I have bought from Mollusk has been a huge success. I was excited to learn they had a Brooklyn outpost of their store, but saddened to find out it had already closed. I hope they find a big enough audience to thrive as a company, but stay small enough to maintain their indy cool.

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