Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Printed Matter: "Sappho By The Sea"

As you may have noticed, collecting vintage fashion and photography books is one of my great passions. I find them everywhere - thrift stores, antique stores,, vintage shops, high end book dealers like Glenn Horowitz, and even sometimes on the street (I once bought a copy of Diana Vreeland's "Allure" from a homeless man for 50 cents). "Sappho by the Sea: An Illustrated Guide to the Hamptons" (1976) is my all time favorite vintage book. Its chic, unusual and highly eccentric. Needless to say its about two lesbians, and thats's where the obvious part ends. The book is a story of the love affair of two gorgeous women whose style I can only describe as 70's high-style preppy with a good dose of bohemian romance. Through their weekend escapades they take us on a visual tour of the Hamptons of that era, and it's a thrill to see the various towns' old-school charm before they were overrun with movie stars and hedge funders. Short historical descriptions and relevant seaside poetry (for real) round out the  book, but it's the clothes that are the real gem. Enjoy!


  1. At University of Washington, Seattle, in Suzzallo Library there is one section of Vogues going back to the dawn of time - always was the best corner to "study"!

  2. Looks like the photography of J. Fred Smith....