Monday, June 25, 2012

The ladies of Chanel

Whenever a Chanel show happens, I am equally excited to see the careful selected attendees as I am to see the new clothes that go down the runway. The team at Chanel are as brilliant in soliciting loyalty from the chicest women on earth as they are in finding the very latest talent and style icons to introduce to us all. I remember the very first time I noticed Clemence Poesy, Lilly Allen and Anna Muglalis - they were sitting in the front row of a Chanel show. And it's always thrilling when Ines de la Fressange makes an appearance, loyally mixing her Chanel clothes with her Vivier accessories (while she was a long time Chanel muse, she is now Vivier's brand ambassador). Speaking of brand ambassadors - Chanel's own Caroline Sieber, Vanessa Traina, Jen Brill, Poppy Delevigne and Vanessa Paradis all perfectly represent the brand in their own personalized way. And then there is Alexa Chung, who manages her signature sexy/cute look especially well in Chanel. Finally, there is usually a surprise wild card guest - someone of major fame and major style, who is not a regular but gives enough heart stopping adreline to get international attention. This past show it was Tilda Swinton, and yes, my heart did stop at the site of her. But it's not just the amazing women who make me excited to look at the pictures - it's the beautiful clothes in front of the stunning sets in poignant and often unexpected locations. I imagine Coco Chanel would expect nothing less.


  1. Über gorgeous clothes and women!

  2. Great post. I just watched an interesting documentary called "Chanel Chanel" made in 1986, with an interview with Coco herself (it must be from the mid-1960s), as well an interview with a baby Karl Lagerfeld (about 1985, I'd say). It's nice to hear directly from both of them, (and to see a Chanel fashion show from the 80s!) and Karl says that in every decade Chanel becomes new again. Your photos prove his point. XO, Jill

  3. Anna Mouglalis my gosh she has amazing style and so natural, she is french that explains it! Love the jkt with jeans she is awesome.