Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Loving Miss Lilly's

I can't stop going to Miss Lilly's, the Jamaican-inspired restaurant, record store, and juice joint on Houston and Sullivan. I first started going there for a juice in the mornings after the school run. Melvin, a gentle yet spirited rasta juice-master greets you with a familiar smile, while a gorgeous black chick in hot pants rings you up. There are gorgeous black girls everywhere at Miss Lilly's, and they have daring personal style to match. My favorite is a Grace Jones look-alike who wears head to toe leopard (hood included) and too much gold jewelry, in a good way. I'm getting up my nerve to take her picture - I promise I'll share it with you when I do.

This past weekend, I went to the actual Miss Lilly's restaurant for the first time. I usually hate the city on summer weekends - I feel like each one is so precious, and there is not enough nature here to feel like you're making the best use of the beautiful weather. But we were stuck here packing, and took a break for a lunch that changed my mood entirely. The doors were flung open, letting the breeze flow through, the mellow reggae established a vacation-y vibe, the food was unfamiliar yet delicious, and there was style everywhere I looked from the wall posters, to the menu, to the waitresses. Even the "no smoking" sign was chic! Another Miss Lilly's meal is the only thing I'm looking forward to with another packing weekend quickly approaching.


  1. thank you for posting this, you rock! I am from Guyana, South America and love the fact that you dig the Caribbean culture, much appreciated. You are a woman of the world, love it. Keep it up!

  2. black chick? how about black woman? i would love for you to refer to people as "white chick", but I am sure you wouldn't. This is my first time on this blog and definitely my last.

  3. You've just made my day! Every Tuesday for the last year and a half I had been stopping in at LifeThyme Organic Foods on 6th Avenue and 8th street for a yummilicious green juice made by the most fantastic guy ~ Melvin! Several months ago, I went in and he was not there, I inquired and was told he had left to open a juice joint in Brooklyn. I google searched, but nothing came up. Lo and behold, I read your post and there he is at Miss Lilly's. I cannot wait to go in and re-connect and check this place out. Thank you!

  4. Ting!

    I leave for St. Martin/Anguilla in a few weeks and cannot wait to have some Caribbean food. Will have to check out Miss Lilly's next time I'm in NYC.