Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Printed Matter: Vogue Books

By far the hardest thing to leave behind in my New York apartment was my vintage books. I just couldn't justify sending all those heavy boxes to the UK. But I decided to photograph all of my favorites so I could share them with you all throughout the year. This was a lot of fun. I have thousands of books, and I hadn't gone through them all in a long time. I found so many old favorites, like my collection of vintage Vogue books. They are so great. I only have a few, but I know there are a lot more, as I have seen them in libraries through my many years of fashion research. Rediscovering them again reminded me to try to find any other ones that are out there. I'll let you know what I discover.

In my mind there are two kinds of Vogue books - ones that span decades and give a great overview of chicness spanning many years, like the Vogue Book of Fashion Photography, or the more recent Vogue's Houses, Gardens, People, and others that belong to a very specific period of time, like the Vogue Book of Needlepoint. Both are equally inspiring. Enjoy!


  1. Those books all look amazing!

  2. Can totally relate to that! What a beautiful collection!

  3. Hi, I found your book at ShopBop, looked it up online and found your blog. Keep on posting =D
    I keep a blog, too.


  4. My Dear Amanda! Thank You so very much!!!! For what You are shear with us! Today in fashion so many empty people... who knows fashion only from the wardrobe.... Thank You for the knowledge.... Its always inspiring... Thank You!

  5. Isn't that Grace Coddington in one of the pixs?

  6. Why not check out the Vogue Book of Diet and Exercise from 1980 ish (Barbara Tims is the author). Contains the fantastic champagne diet where one can eat very little and drink a bottle of champagne a day - and lose weight! on Abe books.
    Cheers! love your blog.xx