Thursday, September 20, 2012

I ♥ Your Style: Nancy Cunard

I rarely look back much beyond the 60's for style icons. On the whole, the clothes just get too costume-y for my taste and the lifestyle they exude is just too antiquated to relate to. Of course there are exceptions, the biggest one being heiress and muse Diana Cunard whose heyday was in the 20's. When I first saw these pictures I just couldn't believe how completely relevant she would look today.

Does she remind you of anyone? She reminds me of Daphne Guinness. When I was at Barneys, we were planning a project with Daphne, and in our first meeting I couldn't help but ask her if she had any style icons. She quickly said no, and then paused before saying, "Well, just one. Nancy Cunard."


  1. The 3rd photo with dress and mega-bracelets is gorgeous. I also like the women in Lartigue's beach photos - so modern looking with their beachwear, hats and scarves.

  2. Those photos are incredible! She has such a unique aura to her.

  3. That era in Britain before the great wars and interim fascinates me. I can certainly see why Daphne Guinness cited her. The second photo by the way is of Paula Gellibrand, Marquise de Casa Maury by Cecil Beaton.

  4. Beyond stunning! Thank you for this! You are right! She is so completely modern.

  5. oh to be an heiress and wear anything and everything you feel like whenever you want. thank you again for introducing us to such wonderful style icons...its a breath of fresh air from many of the current ones we see. i have nothing against them, but nancy cunard! what a beauty!

  6. Good call! I replaced it with a better one of Nancy that I'd missed the first time 'round.

  7. Hello Amanda,
    Thanks for introducing me to this style icon, I didn't know her before. Also, when I saw those pictures it made me realize that her style is inspire from east africa. I am pretty sure. From where I come from (Burundi), women used to where a lot of bracelets on their arms. It was a sign of beauty and wealth. It is funny for me to find this same style on Nancy Cunard. I will look for picture and send it to you if you are interested.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us.

  8. My God she has style. True style. Not fabricated or forced, just her own sense of self.
    She is not a "classic beauty" in the sort of way we think of today. Her beauty goes right through to the bone.
    I have seen a few of these photo's before but had no idea who she was.
    Thank you,
    warm wishes,

  9. Great call Amanda! I've been a fan of Cunard for many years and have written about her on my news page at

    Not only was she a style icon but she lead a fascinating life!