Thursday, September 13, 2012

I ♥ Your Style: Princess Diana, part 3

So the third significant phase of Diana's fashion legacy is definitely questionable to some. But this is how I see it: Everyone has a very personal relationship to personal style. We all have our own tastes, experiences, physical features, ambitions and life circumstances that heavily impact the way we present ourselves to the world. Would I ever want to dress the way Princess Diana did in the 80's. NO WAY!! Do I think she created a signature look that worked for her life as a princess and entertained the rest of us all at once. YES! Sometimes she went over the top (the rhinestone headband), sometimes she got stuck in a theme (polka dots), and sometimes she overcommitted to the concept of a uniform (full military regalia), but you could never accuse her of being boring or safe. She clearly had a lot of enthusiasm for clothes and she obviously enjoyed the process of getting dressed. And finally, you just can't dress like she did without being confident in what you are doing. If all that doesn't equal personal style, I don't know what does.

P.S. I couldn't help but present these pictures in categories. They were too clear cut to ignore!







  1. I've really enjoyed this little series! You're right - I wouldn't dress this way, but it WORKS. These were the Diana looks I remember the best (not that I was that old, I'm 25 now) and it was great to see some of the older ones that I wasn't familiar with. What a transformation.

  2. I've also so enjoyed this series, as I have the Jerry Hall series. In retrospect, I think I was also most drawn to the newly married Diana's style. I remember looking at the auction catalogues and cringing. But put in the way that your posts have, I can see what she was aiming for and how she succeeded. I think what comes across most is just how much fun she had with style. I'm really glad you reminded us f that.

  3. Princess Diana is absolutely amazing, this series is so inspiring! She is so lovely in all those photos.

  4. The "rhinestone headband" was actually an emerald choker that was once owned by Queen Mary, and was a gift from Queen Elizabeth when Diana and Charles were married. Diana reinvented the priceless piece into a headband.