Monday, September 24, 2012

Printed Matter: "Liberi Tutti," Fiorucci Edition

I have chasing been down "Fiorucci: The Book" for many years, but have yet to find a copy under $500, which in my mind is too price-y to pay for a vintage book. But recently I found the next best thing - a copy of an Italian magazine/book called Liberi Tutti entirely devoted to Fiorucci. All the classic Fiorucci imagery is in there, plus many more drawings, illustrations and photos of clothes, ad campaigns and logos I'd never seen before.

My love of Fiorucci goes back to my early teen years when their store on 59th Street (just around the corner from Bloomingdale's) was by far the coolest place you could go shopping. At that age I wasn't allowed to wear any of the clothes, but I would spend my entire allowance on the stickers, the closet I could come to having a bit of Fiorucci in my life. They all ended up on my summer camp trunk that eventually disappeared over the years. God, I wish I still had it.


  1. I remember the cherubs, but the rest went over my head at the time - so fun to see a reminder. I do remember the jeans.

  2. I still have a complete stickers collection from the 80's with all Fiorucci images...memories...

  3. Oh Amanda! My dad was a partner in the Fiorucci franchise that was in Beverly Hills in the 80's. Growing up with full access to this store was heaven though I wish I kept everything through the years! All I have left is a T-shirt with the angels on it that has been washed so many times it is paper thin. My 13 year old wears it now and when I try to explain to her how amazing that store was she just sighs... oh well. long live Fiorucci :)
    Tia Zoldan