Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crazy for Paisley

Maybe it's the bohemian in me coming out now that I live in the countryside, but I have never been more into paisley. It started with an antique Indian paisley tapestry that my mother handed down to me this past summer. I found the perfect spot for it covering an upholstered ottoman in my living room, and it now pulls together all the other colors in the room and adds the perfect touch of ethnic romance to the otherwise traditional English countryside look.

But I am also loving paisley in clothes - Derek Lam's graphic 60's mod paisleys caught my eye on the runway for fall, and then the Marlon Falaise / Lucie de la Falaise family portrait in Vogue stood out in a more authentic, hippie kinda way.

For a while I've been dismissing prints as too specific or of a season, but when looking through all these photos its hard not to see paisley as a classic.

Lucie de la Falaise and Marlon Richards with their family, 2012

Marlene Dietrich on her USO tour, 1940's

An Instagram photo of a woman wearing Jil Sander's paisley suit to her child's christening. That's chic.

Veronica Lake, 1955

Candice Bergen, 1970's

Mexican actress Lupe Velez, 1939

Etta James in the recording studio, 1967

Helen Gurley Brown, 1972

Veruschka, 1965

Mick Jagger, 1967

My favorite Stella McCartney campaign, 2012

Ad campaign for Harvey Nichols, 1975

Marisa Berenson wearing Chanel, 1969

 Emma Stone wearing Derek Lam in British Vogue, 2012

Henrietta Tiarks, Marchioness of Tavistock, at Royal Ascot, 1968


  1. Loving that Harvey Nic look! Have you read the book The Women We Wanted to Look Like, by Brigid Keenan? Henrietta Tiarks is in it as well as great photos of other cool women through the years - well worth getting.

  2. That woman is Tamu!

  3. Amanda, the girl in the Jil Sander is Tamu McPherson and she is the fashion editor at Her very famous blog is called All The Pretty Birds" She does photographs of all the shows.

  4. Great examples! I just worry that paisley can veer too much into cheesey territory if not done properly.

  5. Paisley came to England by way of the colonies, as did chintz and other pretty ideas - the principle behind the design is what makes it chic - the heritage.

  6. This is a wonderful blog,great photos, commentary and the ability to understand what is important in life!