Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I ♥ Your American Style: Joan Didion

There is that constant current of melancholy in most photographs of Joan Didion that sometimes makes me question why I am such of fan of them. At best she looks subdued, while in the most extreme she looks tortured and hopelessly sad. In her older years it's as if that sadness within her came to express itself physically in the lines on her face and the thinness of her body. Yet because she has so honestly shared her sorrows with us, I feel protective and empathetic towards her.

And then there is her style, which is restrained and unselfconscious, but so elegant nonetheless. It looks easy to dress that simply, but it actually takes a lot of discipline to so precisely narrow down what works for you and even more discipline to stick with it. To me she represents the very best of intelligent, courageous and chic American women.


  1. my grandmother always said, your face become what you are...and she to me, is beauty, tragedy, the grand dame of american letters, a duaghter and a husband dead...who could endure it, yet alone write about it with such eloquence

  2. yes, but in Didion's case substance over style any day. pgt

  3. Such an inspiring post!

    I love her works!

  4. i love that you are doing a post on joan didion - i just read her book Play it as it lays yesterday! in the UK where I am from, we know Didion but not so much as a style icon, more for her writings only. Interesting to find out! as is most everything on your blog

  5. Have you read The Year of Magical Thinking? Very moving, powerful stuff.