Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I ♥ Your Signature Style: Anne Slater

If you know anything about me, you know that I love a woman with a signature. While I haven't found my own yet, it is certainly my ambition to some day find that one thing I love enough to wear continuously for the rest of my life. It is for that reason that I have always been fascinated by Anne Slater. As for back as 1961 (as the one black and white photo below illustrates) and perhaps even longer, she has been wearing blue-lensed cat eye glasses. No matter day or night, indoors or out, she wears those same glasses. She is clearly a creature of habit, as her clothing sticks to a similar uniform-like silhouette of an oversized tailored jacket worn over an appropriate length of skirt and simple black pumps. But it is her glasses that separate her from other tasteful women of her generation and define her as the style icon she has become.

This is a recent collage I made of Anne and pinned up on my inspiration board. Maybe if I stare at it long enough my own signature will eventually become apparent to me.


  1. Didn't her husband give her a couple of cases of them? Now that's love!

    1. No, in an Observer interview dated November 20, 2000, Simon Doonan writes this: "I called Anne Slater and grilled her re: her oversized blue cat-eyes. “I found them at Lugene in Philly in the 1960′s. Cobalt blue, not Yves Klein blue–very snappy, and they went perfectly with everything I was wearing at the time: Cardin, Pucci, Gernreich, Bonnie Cashin. I came back to New York and bought 36 pairs at the Lugene store on 57th Street and I’ve been working my way through my stash ever since. My prescription never changed–my reading glasses did–but I don’t read much when I’m out. Who does?”

      So, obviously her husband did not get her a couple of cases, she first bought one pair in Philly, then she probably cleared out the New York Lugene store for all 36 pairs they had (according to the article Lugene does not exist anymore as a brand/store, couldn't even find anything about them online, except for a Lugene Opticians in Atlanta that was established in the 80's). LOL, 37 pairs of identical bright blue frames with ditto bright blue lenses... One thing is for sure, she does stand out in a crowd, and you'll forever associate her with her bright blue cat-eye glasses! Not easy to forget!

  2. Also-- her wonderful smile.

  3. Love the collage! I've heard she began wearing them due to a vision disorder, but decided she loved the way they made the world look. More fun details from a 2004 Cathy Horyn article . . .

    In the late 1950's, several years before American women adopted Jacqueline Kennedy's style en masse, the New York socialite Anne Slater hit upon the look she still has today. It was based on two remarkably simple details: a brushed-back hairstyle she could manage at home and a pair of cobalt-blue tinted eyeglasses she could wear day or night, and in lieu of dangling earrings. Thus the blue cat's-eye glasses became her signature ornament. She bought 36 pairs from a Philadelphia optician, and was only mildly alarmed when told, much later, that the Lucite frames couldn't be manufactured any longer because they were flammable. ''I thought that was the dumbest thing,'' she said. ''How many times have you heard of someone's eyeglasses being set aflame?''

  4. You lead such a cool life, I would imagine you have lots of signature style! I never associated a "signature style" with just a could items...but if that's the case, I do have a signature...2 pairs of expensive boots I bought yeeearrrsss ago (and almost different, because they were so $$ for me at the time!), but I'm still wearing them every year, and still loving them! I have to admit, I even wore the brown pair at my wedding because my wedding shoes were so uncomfortable!

  5. P.S. What's wrong with me??? I clearly didn't edit that before I son is dancing around me waiting to go to bed, and I'm distracted! I meant..."just a COUPLE items" and "almost DIDN'T")...sorry!

  6. cobalt it is then for my next sunnies!!! it is my favorite colour on anything else, so....

  7. I had the pleasure of working with her after she sold her apartment on 5th avenue. She is wonderful. A class act! Her home on 5th was amazing! I found your page becuase I was telling a co-worker of mine about her and he did not know who she was. By the way she is super down to earth and very easy to talk to.

  8. I worked for a PR man who was one of her closest friends when he was alive. The blue glasses also detract from the thickness of her presciption.........we are talking fishbowl here.
    jrochot is rght. She is incredibly down to earth and lovely. No servants at 998 either. She claimed that was how she kept her figure all of these years.