Friday, October 26, 2012

Life on the farm: Shopping spree

When I left New York I cleaned out my closets and looked over all the things I had bought in the previous year at Barneys - sky high Alaia heels, a structured Celine bag in leopard printed pony, high heeled Isabel Marant sneakers  - that I would have absolutely no use for in my new life on the farm. Sure, I get glammed up to go to London every now and then, and I need something nice to wear for occasional meetings and consulting jobs, but the sheer volume of clothes I owned (many of which had gotten buried and been forgotten about) let me feeling like I do after a huge Thanksgiving meal - full to the point of feeling sick. While there are things I know I'll keep and wear over and over in the future, I was ashamed at how much money I had spent on all these things that suddenly seemed to have no relevance in my life.

When I packed my last bag (I took only three to England - for a whole year!), I made a quiet resolution not to buy any more clothes for a good while. Little did I know at the time however, that at the farm I would be 20 miles from the Celine outlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went with a girl friend, who only had to pretend she begged me to take her, thinking I'd allow myself to buy just one or two things. Oh boy. It was two good to be true! They had all the everyday classic things that you never get to see on the runway but that sell out in minutes at the stores. The quality is excellent, the fit perfection, and better yet, you have no sense that they are from any particular season. I convinced myself to have a bit of a splurge by dramatically telling my girl friend that "I will wear these clothes for the rest of my life!"

Have a look. Don't you think I will?

This was my best find. Even at 70% off it was still 600 pounds, but it's the perfect coat to wear to London and I've been looking for a trench forever. Can't imagine finding a better one.

Remember these sandals that everyone had in electric blue suede but with a much higher heel? I really wanted them - loved the color and the simplicity of the shape - but I knew that that heel on a single sole was not going to work for me. I was over the moon to find this lower version and in black and white snake nonetheless. The other day, I wore them on the train to London, did my errands and had lunch with a friend before surrendering to my flats for the train journey home. No bad.

God I love this tweed jacket. As you can imagine it works perfectly for the English countryside, and I love how sharp the tailoring is and how 70's the pattern is.

The truth is, I hate carrying a handbag. I like to have my hands free and not be lugging around some heavy thing that weighs me down. This bag is really just three pouches sewn together - one for money and credit cards, one for my phone, and one for keys and chapstick - and the strap allows me to wear it cross-body. It also goes with everything. I carry it every single day here.

I love the tiger logo on this sweater. It's sporty in an old school way, and it makes the sweater different from every other navy cashmere one out there. 


  1. Love everything! Chic and timeless.

  2. No need to justify - they're all great! You never know where life will take you so if you love the things you buy, you'll find places to wear them.

  3. Love the sweater. My treat this week was a cashmere sweatshirt, have worn it so much it will be amortized in no time!

  4. Wow, great purchases!!
    I really like the shoes....and the bag...actually all the items are great!

    Nice to live nearby outlets! There are quite a few factory outlet in my is definitely a plus!!

  5. Excellent choices; I think they are all classic pieces. And you got them on sale. Good for you!

    I understand your earlier, gluttonous, thoughts, though, when you were shrinking your closet for London. I think we tend to buy too much at times, rather than buying for quality and time. Trends come and go. But good clothes can last ages and ages. A cashmere sweater, a trench coat, a tweed jacket - these are the kinds of things you will wear in 10 years time.

    Sustainability in Fashion is important! As you have immersed yourself in the environment, you probably know that it's more importantly, ultimately, than pretty much anything!

  6. I love your insight - it has just the right amounts of practicality and fantasy. I love the clean lines and androgyny of the pieces. Good finds!

  7. What a great haul - all these items look timeless and suited to a variety of contexts. And great quality is always worth paying for.
    I so understand what you mean about feeling gluttonous - I gave away much of my wardrobe when I left London for India and I have to say, a compressed wardrobe has made me much more attentive when I shop, and made it easier to get dressed every day.

  8. Classic and very lucky finds you have there - so jealous! :)
    When one is away from the entrapments of the fashion world... well, we don't need what we thought we did. Which is a good thing! I love your handbag - I also hate having to carry a bag around with me, after having children and being forced to carry a bag which contained all that you need with a baby, horrid! I like to wear something light and simple and slung across my body so both my hands are free. Brilliant find.

  9. No doubt you've made excellent choices. More than I appreciate you sharing your treasures in this post, I appreciate your after-Thanksgiving analogy. These are the reasons I love your blog.

  10. Celine is soooo classic. I'm sure you will wear those pieces forever. I envy your purchase of those shoes. They are fabulous!!

  11. you scored big time! life at the farm is treating you very well, indeed!

  12. Amazing buys! I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out of them as they are all investment pieces. Do you mind me asking how much the bag cost? I'm looking for an over the shoulder type bag.

  13. all great pieces! i have the sandals (i think in the original high heel) in red and i've worn them all year round.