Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snapshot: Marisa's turban

There are lots of amazing pictures of Marisa Berenson wearing a turban - you know the ones of her in the matching purple bikini, eyeshadow and turban, or the similar green version with the clear plastic bikini straps? Or maybe you know the Warhol photos of her with the hibiscus stuck into her turban? They are truly over-the-top fashion fabulous. But my favorite turban shot of her is this one. I probably like it because, well, I'm not saying I would ever wear a turban myself, but if I did.....this is how I could imagine wearing one: in a warm, resort location (say, on a boat) with casual clothes and classic accessories. Simple, chic and natural.


  1. Turbans have saved me from a few scary hair days! Love this shot.

  2. I think there's something really effortlessly chic about them.


  3. Love Marisa Berenson - such a beauty!

  4. she looks so elegant with this turban!
    kisses from Barcelona