Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stellar Stella

I am interested in collage at the moment. As a part of my creative sabbatical, I promised myself that I would find the time to research books, photos, images, and artworks that I am inspired by, and then create something of my own. I don't know what that will be yet.

After posting a Stella McCartney ad (that has been on my inspiration board for months) in the paisley post last week I found myself looking at all the past Stella ads I could find. Of course I've seen them all before, one by one, season by season, but looking at them all together made me appreciate them more. I love the homemade quality some of them have, and the way others really begin to embrace kitsch, but in the chicest way. The beauty is natural and the sense of humor is strongly in tact. There isn't a bad one in the lot.


  1. that sounds like a wonderful crossroads to be at!

  2. If you like collage, I recommend a sweet new documentary called Grandma Lo-Fi, about an older woman who is so inspiring. Most of the film is about her music, but some is about her collage art as well.