Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chic Malick

One of the things I love to share with you are the pictures that designers use for inspiration when putting together their collection. Their are so many amazing images in the world and design teams for fashion houses are especially good at finding them. Many tear sheets, xeroxes, magazine covers, book pages get pegged up on a cork board and never make it past the doors of the designer's office. Sometimes you see the influence of the pictures on the clothes, and sometimes you don't - its often more of a mood or a feeling that sparks the designers interest. Obviously each designer has their own taste and style, but I've worked and hung out in enough design studios to see certain images pop up over and over. The photographs of African photographer Malick Sidibé are among the most prolific. Even though the clothes are chic in their simplicity and authentic in their origin, it's the styling and the attitude of the wearer that makes the biggest impact. It is an obvious reminder and stark demonstration that you don't have to have lots of money or wear designer clothes to look stylish, you just have to know how to wear the clothes you have.


  1. Great pictures! It is so true what you said... I love the idea that style is a very democratic concept, anyone can have it with money or not....I see sometimes people in the street with designer clothes from head to toe and they look boring and predictable.

  2. first photo is really cool- last photo might be of some inspiration to mark jacobs

  3. It’s a wonderful post! There is a great style in each photo, and the second one is Comme des Garcons!!

  4. These photos are incredible. I love all the different patterns displayed in each one.