Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I ♥ Your Style: Gaia Repossi

Gaia Repossi's classic minimalist style is a personal favorite of mine. It might be the fact that she owns all the Celine pieces I covet, or that she knows how to wear it in a way that is down to earth, yet just fashion-forward enough. There is also her timeless and natural feline-like beauty and the contrasting tomboy-like way she puts herself together. And then there is the jewelry she designs for her family's jewelry company Repossi, which has become the fashion world's favorite. I would buy every piece of her Berbere collection if I could. Keep on eye on her - she's going to be around for a while.


  1. I love the consistency of her style.

  2. She is gorgeous! I love the classic, chic, slight tomboy vibe she has going on.


  3. I love her unconventional beauty, and her strength too. In the second last picture she has the same jacket to you!


  4. Gaia looks so good, her character seems to show in what she wears. That's a woman who knows herself well.

    So glad your blog is back. And lovely to see a bit of England as I miss it here in Hong Kong.

    Dianne from www.hendricahubertina.blogspot.com

  5. I love your posts! I have been following your blog for months and it inspired me to start my own. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty you think of and come across!
    Sou http://lovefashionmoney.com/

  6. Love her style.


  7. Love your blog. Love your book.

    does anyone who's black loafers Gaia is wearing in the image with the mustard yellow(white collar) button down shirt with black pants?

  8. I adore Gaia! She has true style. I also adore Celine and covet every piece that I own.