Monday, November 12, 2012

Life on the farm: Autumn landscape

Although I have spent time in England every year for the last 16 years, the one season I have never witnessed is autumn. While the pictures may look similar to an American fall, in reality it is completely different. Nature in England makes it's evolution slowly and individually, with each tree seemingly at it's own pace, whereas the American version seems to hit you over the head all at once. The result of which may be more spectacular, as you get the peak of the color all at once, but I am enjoying the more gradual change here. Throughout October there were areas of the farm that were still entirely green, as if summer was still lingering, while other parts would have singular giant trees in bright yellow and hedges blanketed in bright red or orange. We also had the exposed soil of the harvest giving the land an earthier hue, only to then be replaced by the newly planted crop catching a ride on the late season growth cycle, making all the fields bright green once again. The autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons, and I have so enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy it for longer this year, easing me more gently into the reality that soon there will be no leaves on the trees at all.

Looking across the freshly harvested wheat field from my favorite riding spot. 

The drive between our house and my mother-in-law's. It was taken the same week as the one above.

I was away for a week in Spain and returned on the most beautiful Sunday evening. After I arrived we hurried out for a walk before sunset.

The sidewalk in London.

Our garden shed, covered in red grape vines. This shed would be a perfect guest room - it has a fireplace and room for a bathroom. My husband puts his foot down though - he thinks its pretentious to gentrify every building in the farmyard. I'm working on him....

 I love that the garden is still blooming while the trees have already turned in the farmyard.

Our cottage, settling down into winter.

The beautiful circle of trees Christopher's father planted the year he died, 36 years ago. 

The bright colors in our local village remind me of New England where I spent three years in boarding school as a teenager.

This stable yard belongs to friends in a nearby village. I love how cheerful the flowers make it look, considering it's late October. I must plant some like this in our yard.

Zach playing in the leaves.

The new crop poked through the ground last week, giving the farm a final layer of life before the winter gloom.

The kids' treehouse. We built it last summer but have yet to finish the inside. Any ideas? I love the idea of putting little bunk beds in there but not sure the kids would be brave enough to make it through the night.

Sunset at 4:15pm. Apparently by December it's dark at 3:30pm. Yikes.

The first frost.


  1. I found your comments about the difference between Autumns in America and England interesting because here in Virginia, we have had the same kind of Fall that you describe! We never had the "peak" that we are accustomed to enjoying this time of year. Fall has been very coy! Anyhoo, I enjoy your blog...lovely pictures and well-written.

  2. Long time reader, but moved to comment for the first time (though I am an ardent fan of your blog!) because the picture of the circle of trees (and, of course, what it represents) was incredibly poignant and moving. As an Anglophile who must be satisfied with watching "The Holiday" for my cottage fix, I am so enjoying your posts from England. (P.S. Am a friend of your boarding school friend KM, whom I loved seeing in bermuda shorts and a big hat in your book!)

  3. This is so lovely. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  4. Wow, amazing pictures!

    I so love the english countryside - it is actually one of my dream destinations to visit, so thank you for sharing these pictures!

  5. savrsene, savrsene fotke...bas kao da sam bila tamo!

  6. thank you for sharing. these are beautiful images...

  7. lovely lovely lovely! super to see these beaut images (i live in the tropics!)

  8. Hi Amanda, Kate Betts here. Love your pictures of the English autumn! Showing the pic of the circle of trees and the treehouse to my kids. Major envy over here in Tribeca!
    Hope you are well!

  9. Also, I hope you're painting these gorgeous landscapes!

  10. Is there anyway to get email alerts when there are new posts on this blog?