Thursday, November 1, 2012

Skirting the issue

I love Shala's white skirt. It's an awkward length - not one that many people would be brave enough to even try - but because she is able to pull it off, it gives her a unique silhouette. If you asked me how to wear a skirt of that shape and length, I would tell you to definitely wear it with heals, as she does on a few occasions, but she also makes flats work with it, impressively. Also surprising is how good a baggy sweater looks over it. My instinct would certainly be to wear something fitted on top, but she proves that notion not necessary. This is what I love about great personal style, it shows that everyone has their own ability to make things look good that others wouldn't dream of attempting.


  1. Love this posting of Shala Monroque. Personal style is just not "an outfit" it's how you take something and make it your own to suit "your style". This lady has it in spades + she knows it. If you have the gift of personal style you must own up to it! The pix with the gold sandals and white pashmina is going up on my inspiration wall stat.

  2. not awkward, awesome, when one's legs are long, maxi skirts go midi all pants go rockabilly capri, in a good way.