Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flower Crowns

I was pretty excited when I found this picture of Michelle Phillips the other day because I wore my hair in nearly the exact same style to the Met Ball a few years ago. Mine wasn't a planned look I can assure you, and I certainly hadn't seen this picture at the time. The theme of the Met show that year was focused on 1920's designer Paul Poiret, but the trouble was my hair was very long - so not the 20's look. I knew I would want a quite stylized look - flat on top, tight curls on the bottom - so I called in a professional. This is not the norm for me - I like the look of home-done hair - but my vision for this evening was definitely beyond my hairdressing abilities.

Anyway, my dress was black (Oscar de la Renta) and I wanted my eye makeup to be smudgy and dark, but it was May, and I felt the whole thing needed lightening up a bit. I managed to get my hands on an amazing vintage Bulgari diamond necklace, and now I just needed some fresh flowers - white flowers specifically - to make my look feel like Spring. I called my favourite florist Lewis Miller, and he sent me over a dozen tiny white roses. I thought maybe we'd pin a small cluster on either side, pulling the hair out of my face, but that gave more 70's than 20's. Then my hairstylist suggested pinning them all around my head just where the curls began. I felt it was worth a try.

When the look was done, well, it was quite a look - a commitment for sure. But if you're ever going to push beyond your fashion comfort zone, the Met Ball is the place to do it.

I wonder where Michelle Phillips going with her flower crown, and with Jack Nicholson in tow to boot.


  1. hahha I was a birdesmaid then with a flower crown. Found a fair isle on sale yesterday, that post was good enough to make them the next big thing.

  2. May I tell that you are far more "chic... isssime" with your fur on your horse ! Sunny

  3. Looks to me like you are trying too hard in here, bu still you look cute.