Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Celine ad obsession

While we're on the subject of Juergen Teller, I have been ripping out every S/S'13 Celine ad I see in a magazine and pinning it on my inspiration wall. I love all the Celine ads, but this season's especially resonated with me. I love how Daria's hair is styled like a modern day Slim Keith, and I love the softer more feminine take on minimalism - the leather knot, the spaghetti straps, the draped silk blouses, the loose men's tailored trouser all give me food for sartorial thought. That said, I'm not going to lie to you and say that I loved the fur-lined sandals. They're just not my thing - they remind me of those Adidas pool shoes that serious swimmers wear. But even they, too, work in this inspired context.


  1. the Canadian model looks like you. Love Celine

  2. AB,
    This blog is a rarity. Peering inside the mind, the life of someone decidedly interesting.

    Teller & Moss. Hard frosts. Feinstein at Gogo Roma. Godard quotes. DVF's office in 1980. There can be only one reaction: more, please ;)

    Don't stop doing what you are doing. Dive deeper, to get at the root of what motivates and enthralls us!

    ps despite what dr. freud thinks, its not just all about sex & money you know...

  3. i agree. I love all Celine ads. I, too, tore out the one where her hair is styled beautifully. I'm keeping it for inspiration. Love it!

  4. daria is rare beauty, like carolyn murphy. Got my elderly stylish mom alpaca fair isle sweater, she shone at her birthday lunch.

  5. Love the first two Photographs!!

  6. A friend tipped me off about this post and I had to come over and find it - I have just written something on the same subject, but with possibly slightly, rather, fractionally - I will confess now...stronger words! Would providing a beautiful shoe really have been so terribly uncool? xxx