Friday, March 21, 2014

Life on the Farm: Farm Fashion (not mine!)

There is nothing Christopher loves to do more than an outdoor chore. Whether it's spraying stinging nettles, strimming the edge of the garden, planting trees, removing a hedge, mowing the grass, tending to the compost heap, moving a large animal or even just weeding, he's in total heaven. He equally loves having the right gear for the chore. He spends hours in the farm supply shop and in the hardware store staring in awe and desire just like I do when I'm in Isabel Marant. Sometimes I walk outside, or round the corner towards home on my walk, and when I catch sight of him, I just can't help but burst out in laughter. His look often reminds me of a HAZ MAT inspector or Mr. Green Jeans from Captain Kangaroo or even, sometimes, when he gets overheated and unzips his white jumpsuit, of Elvis. Despite the hilarity, I thoroughly enjoy witnessing the pleasure Christopher takes in wearing and doing what he loves. 

Christopher in his beloved green onesie. But it's really more about the gear, isn't it?
More gear, and a white plastic onesie, the height of farming chic. 
He put on a special onesie that I'd never seen before to guide our giant pig into a trailer. I especially love the door-as-animal-handling-accessory. 

Elvis in the garden.

Using man toys to compliment his look.

Christopher's Breaking Bad moment.

Celebrating the arrival of the baby pigs in a Carhartt onesie. It's the winter version of his green one and is lined in flannel. 

Loving the red gloves.

ACE, the Chanel logo of hardware store fashion. 

Rainy day garden get up.

The gloves add just the right pop of colour. 
Always armed with the right hat for the right moment.


  1. I love the comments, especially the Breaking Bad one & Elvis too!

  2. This is simply wonderful.

  3. Loved this post!! :) Looking forward to your new book coming out.

  4. Please, it's the one with the Blue Shovel, then the Elvis !

    Tool as metaphor.

    Carhartt onesies are all the rage in the South.

    Door for the pig. Plenty of doors about as we use them for extra dining tables throughout the gardens a la Martha Washington.

    Great idea.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  5. I've never realized how big the giant pigs were before because I never see them next to people, but they are huge!

  6. What a lovely post! I've been reading your blog for some time now and never commented. But the Farm Chic post did it for me. I also am a fashion loving woman married to an outdoors guy. Not that I don't love the outdoors stuff; it's just a matter of degree. I grew up on a farm and we live now on a small but rural property where my husband can pursue his inner farmer. A few months ago while I was on the phone to my mum, I heard the growl of the chainsaw outside. "Ah, yes," I said to her. "I could never resist a man who knew how to operate a chainsaw!" And funnily's totally true!

  7. Hilarious! Love the outdoor fashion - especially Elvis in the garden! The pig in the pen is huge! And the little piggy is so cute :)

  8. Twenty years ago, I was living in Vienna and saw Carhartt jackets in window fronts along Kaertnerstrasse! Your husband would have been proud. :)

  9. All your posts are great, but this was particularly enjoyable. My father is exactly the same way, although I think your husband beats him in the coverall department -- he has a lot!

  10. He is the perfect modern country gentleman!

  11. That piglet is just adorable.

  12. This is wonderful. Whenever anyone in my family puts on working gear, we rate our looks to see who might have the best "village idiot outfit". Your husband wins, hands down. :)

  13. But we would love to see your style too! :)