Monday, March 10, 2014

Snapshot: Jane Birkin and Chipping Norton

For Christmas my friend Laura gave me the new book "Jane and Serge, A Family Album." It was the perfect present for me - I love books, I love old photographs, and above all, I LOVE Jane Birkin. I know you probably do too. Like Kate Moss is today, Jane has become everybody's favourite style icon from the past. Her beauty, her seemingly effortless style, her dual roles of being a musician's wife and a mom of three girls all have left a huge impact on future generations. I have spent big chunks of time digging up great pictures of Jane over the years, and I was so excited to see the ones I hadn't ever uncovered in this new book. My expectations were met and satisfied, but I would never have anticipated the thrill of finding the above image. Serge and Jane were on a road trip around Oxfordshire and stopped to take this snap in what must have been Woodstock, given the road signs. But I froze in my tracks when I saw the shout-out to Chipping Norton, my local town. "Chippy," as we call it, is just your average market town - it's where you go to the bank, the dry cleaner, and the hardware store. But the surrounding countryside is exceptionally beautiful and within commuter distance of London, and therefore the area has become, especially in the last 10 years, a very popular place to live. Despite the trendy pubs and glamorous residents, Chippy remains the "so uncool it's cool" town it's always been, but now that I have this picture of Jane Birkin and Chipping Norton in the same frame it might just be cool in it's own right.


  1. Chipping Norton: unwittingly normcore

  2. Amanda, I wanted to mention that one of her daughters passed away this December.

  3. Check out the little film about Amanda H on vogue italia - if you haven't seen it, you will LOVE!