Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Motherly Love

I much prefer looking at pictures of celebrities when they're with their children. I was reading an article about Mick Jagger in the New York Times Style Magazine recently, and he was saying that "public people put a lot of energy into what people think about them. Everyone does. I don't care what they say. Everyone cares about it. You always want to control your image. I mean, you obviously can't control it 100 percent. But if you're a famous person, you obviously have a public personality ... that you want to project." His quote made me realize that the reason I like seeing celebrities with their kids is because it seems they forget about trying to project that public image for the moment, and you can see more clearly the person behind it. I also find that women are dressed more casually when they're with their kids, and you get a truer sense of their personal style, instead of seeing some get-up crafted by a stylist.

Clockwise from top Jane Fonda with her daughter (1969), British Anthropologist Jane Goodall and son (1974), Angelina Jolie with her son (2008), Kate Moss and daughter (2009), Jackie Kennedy and daughter (1969), Charlotte Rampling and son (1976), Jane Birkin and daughter (1970), Madonna with her daughter (1998), Jerry Hall and kids (1985).

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  1. Lovely photos! I couldn't agree more...I'm much more interested in what celebrities are wearing as mamas as opposed to the red carpet.