Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Printed Matter: The Art of Sewing

One of my best eBay purchases over the years was a complete set of The Art of Sewing books published by Time Life in the 70's. Like many cool things I know about, they were brought to my attention by my long time creative collaborator and art director of this blog, Chelsea Fairless (she has her own blog too). Anyway, I wasn't sure what the fuss was about but Chelsea made me buy them. I was so happy when I received them. At first glance I just loved the way the rainbow array of colored spines looked on my bookshelves. I also loved that each book had a theme - Exotic Styling, The Sporting Scene, Novel Materials, Separates that Travel, Traditional Favorites, etc - and that each book was covered in a print or material that matched the theme. Yet again, just looking at them was worth the purchase price. But then I started to flip through them - simple sewing and clothes - and found that techniques like how to dip dye, batik, monogram, embroider, knit, cut a pattern, etc. were interspersed with REALLY inspirational photos according to the theme of the book. The knitting chapter has a photo spread of the Missoni's at work in their factory, the needlepoint chapter provides 60's Frank Stella paintings and so on. If you have a remotely crafty bone in your body or if you just like to have a pretty bookshelf, run and buy these. I saw a full set on Etsy today for $56. Hurry!


  1. I am still blogging, oh dear...thank you for this...I have managed to buy 4 books on ebay £8/each with free p+p...perfect. I also brought one for one of my bff's as part of her birthday pressie 'package'- 40th birthday shin dig in a barn later this month. so chuffed...happy new to daughters want to go to China town...hmmm

  2. I have a handful of these books and i'm glad to see you do too! the photos are seriously inspirational. Now I'm sad I don't have them ALL!