Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I ♥ Your Style: Cher in the 70's

I've been sitting here trying to find a gentle way to describe the way Cher looks these days, and I'm not finding the words. In contrast though, I only have good things to say about her look in the 70's. She was a hippie but with a little extra dose of glamour and polish that made her stand out from the other groovsters of that era.

Top to Bottom Cher in 1975, Between 1965 & 1970, at home in the 70's, 1968, with Tina Sinatra in 1967, 1977, with Gregg Allman in 1977, 1974, wearing Sonny Bono's glasses in 1967.


  1. LOVE the chunky turquoise...never fails with coral :)

    xo Kelly

  2. It's fun that she reminds me in those photos of Emmanuelle Alt, doesn't they look similar??