Friday, June 1, 2012

Girls will be boys will be girls

Most girls, including myself, spend a lot of time trying to find the right balance between masculine and feminine in their wardrobes. Even if you don't recognize your style as masculine-inspired, its pretty much unavoidable that its lurking in there somewhere. Think about it - button down shirts, blazers, trench coats, and even trousers all have roots in menswear. But its rare that we look to men for style inspiration. For me, its hard to relate on a personal level when a man's look is purely manly, but on the rare occasion that I come across a man who has successfully and confidently added a bit of the feminine into his own look, I respond right away. Here are a few of my favorites.

David Bowie

Mick Jagger

A guy I saw on Bleecker Street

A native American

Keith Richards

A page from "Looking Good," by Charles Hicks

Sean Byrnes, from the book "Scavullo on Men."


  1. Some interesting pictures there. So sorry that you have been skewered by themarlborowoman on her blog. She's been going off the deep end trying to publicly humiliate anyone who mentions The Pioneer Woman at all favorably on their own blog. If you want to live the pastoral life in England for a year, more power to you.
    Just trying to Connect the Dots!