Monday, October 29, 2012

Headed to London for some fun and inspiration

Tomorrow I am going to London to help Todd Selby celebrate his new book "Edible Selby." I have been a huge fan of Todd's blog for a long time. He has a completely unique creative vision, and I am very jealous of his water coloring skills. I became an even bigger fan this summer when Todd came to the farm to take some pictures for a project he was working on. I was a little nervous to meet him - just because I think he is so cool - but as soon as we shook hands I could tell he was someone I could relax around. He is laid back and lovely and easy going.

I am also excited to go to the Imperial War Museum on Wednesday to see Cecil Beaton's Theatre of War show. I am also a big fan of his, and its funny that I am seeing both his work and Todd's in the same day because in my mind, they are very similar. They are both immensely talented photographers with artistic genius just oozing out of them. Cecil Beaton's scrapbooks inspire me to no end.

But Cecil Beaton's war pictures of women are of particular interest to me. Military gear was so obviously designed for men, and I find that a woman's beauty and vulnerability gave a softness to the war look that I find compelling and moving. I'm also fascinated to see how women adapted such a mass produced look to work for themselves individually. Isn't that what personal style is all about?

A 1942 portrait of Queen Elizabeth during WW2. Super duper chic.

A member of the Women’s Royal Naval Service equipped for gardening duties. I wish I had one of these jumpsuits to wear on the farm!

A WAAF cadet in training lines up on parade, RAF Bridgenorth, Shropshire, 1941. My favorite Rag and Bone jacket is definitely a take on this look.

A Maintenance Wren models the WRNS official issue boiler suit and turban, Portsmouth, 1942. Don't you love that they wore a turban?

A wren serving with the crew of a harbour launch in Portsmouth, 1941. Could the rope in the background be any more art directed?

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  1. Enjoy your time in London and bring some wooly sweaters... It's cold here! x