Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I was looking at Boaz Mazor's apartment on The Selby the other day, and I noticed these collages in his bedroom. One is clearly an Andy Warhol / Frank Stella collage and the other is Warhol / Stella / Roy Lichtenstein collage. What on earth are they? Was there a collaboration between these artists I didn't know about? Or is a DIY project made from postcards and gallery announcements? Whatever it is, I'm diggin' it. They remind me of the Warhol/Basquiat collaboration paintings from the '80's.  I wish more artists and designers would collaborate with each other. Maybe that will be the next fashion collaboration trend - designers collaborating with each other. Its been done before in small ways (see below - I have a printed Alaia t-shirt made by Comme Des Garcons), but I'd like to see it in a bigger way. Come on Rick Owens + Lanvin! Proenza + Junya Watanabe! Christopher Kane + Narciso Rodriguez! Get it on! 


  1. I agree. If our wardrobes and even individual outfits are a mix of designers, why not have the designers blend their styles, too! I am happy to have you back!

  2. Oh! I love that Alaia shirt! I want it! haha